Heart Path Story Coaching
Heart Path Story Coaching

Julie McClay

Story Coach


A person of words and stories, I enjoy writing on my blog and guest posting on Red Tent Living. Completing Training Certificate Levels 1 and 2 through The Allender Center has helped me to deeply engage my own story in order to help others step into theirs



An insightful guide, I listen, question, clarify, and respond to your story with kindness and curiosity. Sitting in sacred spaces, both formally and informally, over many years has sharpened my skills in this area. I direct you to the answers that are inside of you. 

Artistic Life Coach

An open art journal rests on a table next to a box of water colors and pair of scissors.

As a creative, I use my art journal to process story and discover beauty. As an artistic life coach, I invite you to do the same. Scissors, glue, magazines, paints, markers, and washi tape are necessities. You will find me in Harrisonburg  tearing paper, cutting up magazines, and trying not to hoard all of the bits of everything.

What I Offer

Story Coaching

Gain a deeper understanding of yourself and how you relate to others by exploring your story. As a story-based life coach, I offer a safe space of kindness and compassion in which to engage your narrative with integrity. Certificate Levels 1 and 2 training through The Allender Center took me into my own story so that I can step with you into yours


Bring your desire for care and growth to an attuned listener and guide. I provide in-person and telephone mentoring to help you explore your current situation and to clarify how you desire to move forward. As a story-based life coach I walk with you through the process of change until you are confident to step out alone.

Art Journaling

Engage your story through art with an individual session or group offering. I provide space to express yourself through collage work, painting, and mixed media to build confidence and trust. Residents of Harrisonburg, Broadway, Bridgewater, and beyond have attended Art Journaling Events.